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Extract encyclopedia Chapter 2 Red Clover Extract

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Red Clover (trifolium pratense L.) Is a plant of legume Clover mainly as a good forage for livestock and poultry, widely distributed in many regions of the world. Red Clover contains isoflavones, flavonoids, coumarin, saponins, trace vitamins and minerals and other components, of which isoflavones mainly include Biochanina (BCA), Daidzein, Genistein, Ononin, etc. It has estrogen-like effect because of its structure similarity to estrogen. In Europe and the United States are mainly used for menopausal prevention and treatment.


Red Clover isoflavones are considered to be a potential anticancer substance, and their anticancer effects are mainly related to their estrogen activities, inhibition of enzyme activity, induction of apoptosis and other effects.


Anti-breast cancer: 5mg/kg or 15mg/kg of BCA and quercetin, catechins-3-Gallic acid (EGCG), was given to transplanted tumor mouse. it was found that BCA, whether used alone or in combination with other flavonoids, could inhibit the growth of MCF-7 in breast cancer cells in transplanted tumor mice and reduce the incidence of tumors. This suggests that BCA can inhibit tumor growth and may be a new preventive drug for breast cancer. Another study examined the safety and tolerance of Red Clover isoflavones in women with a family history of breast cancer for 3 years, and found that compared to placebos, the difference of breast density, endometrial thickness, serum cholesterol, follicle-stimulating hormone levels and bone mineral density in healthy woman are statistically significant. But the differences in bone markers in postmenopausal women was statistically significant. This indicate that women with a family history of breast cancer had good safety and tolerance for healthy women and postmenopausal women after taking Red Clover isoflavones. No adverse events occur and can affect the bone of postmenopausal women. Thus, red Clover isoflavones may be a preventive drug for breast cancer, with better safety and tolerance.


Anti-prostate cancer: Studies have shown that the expression of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is directly related to the occurrence of prostate cancer, men take the red Clover isoflavones extract (60mg/d) for 1 years, can significantly reduce the PSA level by about of 33%, thus inhibiting cancer. The Red Clover flavonoids may be to prevent prostate cancer by inducing apoptosis of prostate cancer cells. Studies have shown that the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer by Red Clover isoflavones is attributed to its estrogen-like effect. It was found that both Genistein and Daidzein can induce Cycle change and apoptosis of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia-1 (BPH-1), thus Prevention of prostate cancer.


Anti-endometrial cancer: estrogen can induce the proliferation of endometrial epithelial cells, which is one of the pathogenic factors leading to intrauterine membrane carcinoma. In a study, the endometrial stromal cells were cultured together with IK cells, and it was found that estrogen and Genistein could increase Anti - mediated gene activity of Estrogen Receptor (ER) in IK Cells at a certain range of concentrations. When sensitized by estrogen. The increase of Genistein concentration has biphasic proliferation effect on IK cells, 1nmol/L concentrations can inhibit estrogen induced proliferation. And 1µmol/L concentration increases the diffusion, this with ER Specificity Receptor agonists produce similar results.

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