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Botanicals for congnitive health is driving in EU

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The opportunity for food and drink products based on botanicals is growing in Europe particularly those associated with aiding mental well-being. This can be attributed to the frantic nature of modern life, which is a key reason why demand for products that aid relaxation and alleviate stress continues to grow however, the wider interest in botanicals can also be related to consumers wanting products that they deem to be clean.

Consumer interest in botanicals is growing for two key reason. Frist end user are taking a more proactive approach to health maintenance secondly, they want maximum reassurance that their food and drink is natural and contains only real and authentic ingredient. in fact, some research found that 41% of consumers thought plant-based ingredient claims are influential in terms of their food and drink buying behavior. When it comes to ingredients that consumers are most likely to be aware of, they’re the ones most associated with relaxation and mood enhancement. This reflects how tired and fatigued consumers have an interest in products that help them relax and recover from the pressures of everyday life.

Across Europe cognitive health problems continue to become more common, in 2019 research show that a total of 42% consumers having problems of sleeping, and over 60% consumers interested in products that improve sleep patterns and alleviate stress. This shows that even if consumers do not feel they are actively suffering from a problem or disease. They are interested in product that can improve aspect of their health and protect their cognitive function


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