World-Way Biotech Inc.

World-Way Inc. joined the exhibition of CPRI Japan 2016

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     World-Way Inc. joined the exhibition of CPRI Japan 2016 
      Time : 20-22nd , June ,2016 
      Place: Tokyo ,Japan 
      Exhibition introduction : 
        As one of the world-class medical raw material series exhibitions as well as the largest one in  Japan , CPRI Japan 2016 has been hold in Tokyo at 20-22nd ,June,2016 ,which is annually hold one time from 2002 . 
        World-Way Inc. was founded in 2002 and devoted 50,000,000 RMB to set up a company specialized in herbal and relevant products after passing GMP ,HACCP and KOSHER ,that is Micolta Bioresource Inc . in 2011 , World-way established World-way Biotech inc to sell herbal extract and fine chemical engineering products . 

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