World-Way Biotech Inc.

The 1st Happy Meeting of World-Way biotech Inc

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On April 19, 2019, the 1st Happy Meeting of World-Way biotech Inc. was held as scheduled. The conference room had already been dressed as a warm party hall. Before the announcement, everyone had received red and blue hand-pats and gathered happily in the conference room with a happy smile on their faces. Each time a winner/awarder stands in the middle of the room being presented with a prize everyone applause cheerfully. Every employee has collected a certain number of red lottery ticket as a quantitative measurement of the work they have been done in the past month. When their lottery is picked, he or she earn a chance to spin and win more points. At the meeting, the top-ranked and award-winning employee laughs badly when he or she delivers his or her acceptance speech.

There are magic tricks, singing, cup dancing, recitation, funny passages and other talent were performed in the meeting, these entertainments were created and rehearsed in our spare time. Various performances add to the joyous atmosphere of the venue. At the end of the meeting employee whose birthday is within the month were surprise by the Cakes and flowers and felt the warmth of the team. 

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