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Check the Tariff increase on USITC (United States International Trade Commission)

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1.    go to website

under the tariff assistance menu typing in the first 4 digits of HS code on the search box,

ex. Vegetable saps and extracts 1302 and find the HS code for your product on the left list


2.    On the search page, the left column of "General" is the General import tax rate, and the right column of "Special" is the import tax rate imposed by the United States on specific countries.

3.    Continuing our search on HTS code in the previous step, we can see several columns in "Rates of Duty" for specific products. Which column should we look at? "1" in the "General" means the tariffs on imports from most of the world (including China), "Special" means FTA countries import tariffs (often have free, but that's not for Chinese companies); "2" refers to tariffs on imports from special trade-restricted countries (such as north Korea) that do not have trade relations with the United States. So, we're looking at the General rate.

4.    At present, some exporters have encountered the situation that the goods have arrived in the United States and the buyers have found that they need to pay extra 25% tariff and choose to abandon the goods. Which then leaves the exporters to deal with the follow-up matters such as return of the goods. So please remember to take the initiative to check whether the products you are exporting are included in the tax list, and take the initiative to contact the United States buyers to verify the situation. Do not assume the buyers are fully aware the tax changes about the products.

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