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Spring outing and The Second Happy meeting

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World-Way has organized a Spring outing and the second happy meeting at a country resort called “blue sky village” this Sunday.

After a one-hour driver from the office, 20 employees of world-way arrived at “Blue sky village” around 9 am. Along with a Van loaded with supplies which will be awarded later to employee whose performance during the last one and half month are outstanding.

The first event in order was Hiking to the mountain top in the back of the village and visit the “blue sky temple”

The second event is to make rice dumplings wrapped with bamboo leaf, even though no one has any experience of wrapping rice dumplings, everyone has enjoyed the process.

Then there was a period of free time for us while waiting for the lunch, that we can play pool, basketball, volleyball etc.

After the lunch we were divided into two groups to participate a war game using laser guns and helmet. The marketing manager Du Feng earn highest point in the game and bring victory to his team.

A brief rest followed by a two- and half-hour happy meeting, where the head of each department has given a great interim report, and many employees has received an award for their exceedingly excellent performance, as well as a draw for lucky award. And after we have enjoyed eating the rice-dumpling that we made in the morning.


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