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New Zealand Coastal Seafoods enters nutraceutical ingredient market

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New Zealand Coastal Seafoods (NZCS) has agreed to acquire New Zealand-based nutraceutical manufacturer and developer, Kiwi Dreams International (KDI) from the shareholders.

Based in New Zealand, KDI Ingredients is a developer of innovative nutraceutical products and services including ingredient supply, quality and validation, as well as formulation and development.

The acquisition provides NZCS with immediate access to the lucrative value-added nutraceutical and pharma ingredient sector with the benefit of KDI’s key suppliers, clients and technical intellectual property on settlement.

Under the Acquisition Agreement, KDI Managing Director, Tony Dowd will be contracted to NZCS for a 12 month period to develop potential high-value products including; Mussel Powder and Oils, Marine Based Collagens (Ling Maw and Fish Skin), Seaweed Extracts (Fucoxanthin) and Oyster Powder.

Commenting on the acquisition, New Zealand Coastal Seafoods’ CEO, Andrew Peti, said: “The acquisition of KDI Ingredients is an important step in NZCS’s expansion strategy, as it will provide vertical integration with a nutraceutical ingredient developer and supplier. NZCS has recently recognised significant opportunities in the nutraceutical market, which it wishes to capitalise on."

Peti added: “Through KDI Ingredients’ key suppliers and intellectual property, coupled with a well-defined product development schedule, NZCS aims to expand into the high growth global nutraceutical market.”

The acquisition of KDI Ingredients follows the development of an NZCS Collagen Ling Maw nutraceutical product, and is in line with the company’s strategy to potentially expand revenues streams, by adding greater depth to the existing product line.

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