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    Burdock is a most valuable remedy for the treatment of skin conditions which result in dry and scaly skin . It may be most effective for psoriasis if used over a long period of time .Similarly , all types of eczema(though primarily the dry kinds ) may be treated effectively if Burdock is used over a period of time .It will be useful as part of a wider treatment  for rheumatic complaints ,especially where they are associated with psoriasis .Part of the action of this herb is through the bitter stimulation of the digestive juices and especially of bile secretion . thus it will aid digestion and appetite .It has been used in anorexia nervosa to aid kidney function and to heal cystitis .In general ,Burdock will move the body to a state of health ,removing such indicators of systemic imbalance as skin problems  and dandruff . Externally it may be used as a compress or poultice to speed up the healing of wounds and ulcers. Eczema and psoriasis may also be treated this way externally ,but such  shin problems can only be healed by internal remedies.




 Roots and rhizome


 COLLECTION The roots and rhizome should be unearthed in early Fall or mid-fall.


 CONSTITUENTS Flavonoid glycosides ,bitter glycosides ,alkaloid ,anti-microbial substance , inulin


 ACTIONS  Alterative ,diuretic bitter ,laxative , tonic ,vulnerary



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